Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Japonica Market Orders Arrived!

The mailman brought a very special, very LARGE package to me today, yay! I'd been hoarding Japonica Market orders for a few months and everything was finally ready to be shipped together. 

 I know that the lemon is random but it was to show perspective, haha. The box got a little smushed >.<

 Safely wrapped goodies inside!

The first item I pulled out was my reindeer Arpakasso! The seller attached one of the little Crocs thingies for free, aww! I don't wear Crocs but if I did, I'd have a decoration for them :D

 Mr. Reindeer (I've named him Festivus) looking all squashed and uncomfortable :/

 Looking much better! So cute! His little antlers!

 Festivus's hang tag

 Aho-chan plushes! They are bigger than I was expecting-in a good way!

Stack o' axolotls! <3

 My little Arpakasso backpack pouch!

 My backpack, FINALLY! I love him! His straps go long enough for me to wear it! (Sorry about the lighting in this picture... my kitchen only has one window and it's high up so lighting is iffy)

 Arpakasso backpack love!

 Moni Moni pink bunny = epic cuteness! So soft and fat and squishy <3

 Moni Moni's hang tag

Moni Moni booty

So there's my package and its contents! I have been trying to decide if I'd like to order one of the Arpakasso I mentioned in my last blog post~the cute bear/rabbit ear plushes. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Santa...

I know it's only mid-October but Santa needs to start his shopping early this year!

New Arpakassos slated for release in November!

My favorites are the white with the blue hood and the brown with the purple hood. SO STINKIN' CUTE!

This has been a random blog post...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Updated Wishlist

Soooo, I started my last entry with talk about how I've not been into collecting kawaii lately... and then of course I find plushies I need to have. IRONY.

Anyway, here are the cuties tugging on my heart (and purse) strings!

AHHH! I totally was wishing for Christmas Arpakasso and they MADE THEM! [flails] I want the reindeer and the snowman! These are going to be released in 3 different sizes, it seems.

photos from

It seems that San-X also has some super cute stuff coming out. This series is called Sumikkogurashi (すみっコぐらし). Loooove the plushes! So freaking cute! That little brown guy is a pork cutlet! A PORK CUTLET! OMG! SO CUTE! I love how Japan celebrates random little things like pork cutlet characters. If you hear of any sellers or websites stocking these, please let me know!

I also saw a picture on Facebook from Tamaya (kawaii seller/store in California) of some cute dog (French bulldog, maybe?) merchandise also from San-X. I couldn't find that character on the San-X website, however, so I'm not sure if it's a special exclusive line or what.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kawaii Drought

Hey guys!

I've not posted in nearly a month and that's awful >__<  The truth is, I go through waxing and waning periods with kawaii collecting, and this is one of those waning periods. I've shifted my purchasing focus to something completely unrelated to kawaii (my husband and I hope to start a family next year so I have been stockpiling baby items) and so very few kawaii packages are arriving to my mailbox.

Anyway, I bought a large Arpakasso on eBay a few weeks back (it was actually my 'holy grail' Arp~a super hard to find curly-haired brown llama style without eyelashes. I don't know that it's even authentic but I don't care. I love him! I believe the seller has a second on eBay right now... so much for being hard to find! :P) but have no pictures yet. I also bought a remote-controlled Mameshiba toy :D

I have two Arpakasso items on pre-order: a white backpack and a small purple backpack pouch. Those won't be released for about another month so I will probably not have any more new Arpakasso cuteness until then. I am not crazy about most of the new series coming out. I don't really understand why they are making the Starbucks-themed line... I hate coffee so I guess I am just biased. [shrugs] I could take or leave the sparkly tiara and Candy Kid plushes. I do love the recent pirates and the Olympics guys, though. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will release some Halloween ones this year! Or even Xmas themed.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympics + Pirate Arpakasso!

Meet my UK Olympics Arpakasso! I couldn't resist his adorable fluffy self, especially since the Olympics don't happen every day. My favorite events in the summer Olympics are gymnastics, swimming, and diving.

hahaha! I just noticed little dude peeking out from the corner XD

I also adopted a cheeky pirate captain and his four little deckhands!


So those are my newest Arpakasso additions! My alpaca family is growing and is quite large by this point. Awesome!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unintended Summer Haitus~Oops!

Hello my lovely readers!

I apologize for the lack of posts >.<

My Arpakasso habit has died down a bit. There are a lot of new designs coming out over the next couple of months but I'm not crazy about any of them (except for the backpack~I really want one of those!). I did receive my Olympics plush a few weeks ago (I ordered the large black UK one) and he is soooo cute! I've yet to take pictures of him, of course, but once my pirates arrive (they're on their way to me, weeeee!) I think I'll do a photoshoot. I've purchased one large pirate and the set of the small keychain plushes. Very exciting!

I also ordered a couple of non-Arp plushes from Gina at Plushies For Clearance and those should hopefully be on their way to me soon. Aaaaand I finally got my hands on an alpaca comb from Luna Bowtique! SO STOKED! :D

Otherwise I'm trying not to melt in this I-N-S-A-N-E heat (I loathe summer, ugh!) and have been buying baby clothes and wedding gifts for friends <3

Keep an eye out for a new non-lame post soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updated Collection Pictures

 I received a package from MyMaido today with my newest addition! I ordered a small Marine Arpakasso for myself (he's between the white strawberry boy and the beige birthday boy on the far right in the above picture) and a second Arpakasso for a friend (I won't spoil the surprise in case she's reading this!).

I decided that it was time to take a nice big group photo with ALL of my current babies. I have a few more on preorder but they won't arrive for at least a few more weeks.

 It was very... interesting getting everyone outside and on the blanket for the shoot, haha. My dog was looking at me like I was nuts! I was also being bit by a zillion bugs >.< 

It's cool to see how the different series look side by side. I'd always thought that the big birthday boys and the big strawberry boys were the same size but the strawberries are a bit bigger and wider. It's adorable. There's also difference between my biggest Arpakassos along the back~the white summer girl with the red flower and the fluffy purple macaron guy are a little taller than the dark brown Love boy and the white earmuffs girl.

I feel like I am writing a thesis about Arpakasso... XD I am such a nerd!

A few close-up shots:

 All my little guys:

I was trying to decide on my ultimate favorite (if I HAD to choose...) in my collection and I think it just might be my teeny tiny yellow Cotton Candy strap. I love the Cotton Candy series anyway and she is just SO TINY! And fluffy <3

But I love all of my fluffy Arpakasso babies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GIANT Package Arrived!!!

The postal carrier rang the doorbell this afternoon and I knew it was my big package of happiness! It was this enormous red squishy on my porch, haha XD

Unveiling time!

 Ahahaha, I used a Sierra Mist can to show perspective... but it looks really cheesy >.<

 Cuteness inside!

 She is sooo cute in person! The lone female Arpakasso in the package.

 Mr. Beige Berries lookin' precious

 Tiny feet Nemuneko! This one is mine. 

 haha, my husband being goofy (I made him pose with his Nemuneko ^_^)

 Teeny feet <3

 Party tiiime!

The new additions!

I want to take a new group photo but it's going to require some serious space/planning because I have so many now :o  They've taken over a table in our front room... oops.

I also want to note~this arrived SUPER fast from Singapore. I ordered everything here from Gina at (link in the sidebar). She is really, really nice and she has gotten so many requests for me. I highly recommend her!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Incoming (HUGE) Plush Order

Sooo, holy crapnuggets. I just spent a small fortune on a big ol' box of plush happiness from my contact in Singapore. She e-mailed me saying that her arcades finally got the tiny feet big Nemuneko in stock, so of course I had to have one. I chose the white and brown, but then my husband exclaimed over the grey one, so I ended up getting that one, too, as a surprise gift for him. I also splurged on four (!) big Arpakasso. I got a winter-style, two strawberry series, and the elusive beige birthday boy.

Shipping was insane... more than USD50 >_< Suffice it to say that my budget has been smashed into tiny pieces.

Onward to (stock) pictures!

 So, I already have the white boy and I got the beige <3

 I got the white girl with the red polka dot earmuffs.


I got A and C. I wasn't keen on this series at first but it grew on me.

I've ordered a few other cute things but I'll save those for another post after my wallet stops crying.