Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updated Collection Pictures

 I received a package from MyMaido today with my newest addition! I ordered a small Marine Arpakasso for myself (he's between the white strawberry boy and the beige birthday boy on the far right in the above picture) and a second Arpakasso for a friend (I won't spoil the surprise in case she's reading this!).

I decided that it was time to take a nice big group photo with ALL of my current babies. I have a few more on preorder but they won't arrive for at least a few more weeks.

 It was very... interesting getting everyone outside and on the blanket for the shoot, haha. My dog was looking at me like I was nuts! I was also being bit by a zillion bugs >.< 

It's cool to see how the different series look side by side. I'd always thought that the big birthday boys and the big strawberry boys were the same size but the strawberries are a bit bigger and wider. It's adorable. There's also difference between my biggest Arpakassos along the back~the white summer girl with the red flower and the fluffy purple macaron guy are a little taller than the dark brown Love boy and the white earmuffs girl.

I feel like I am writing a thesis about Arpakasso... XD I am such a nerd!

A few close-up shots:

 All my little guys:

I was trying to decide on my ultimate favorite (if I HAD to choose...) in my collection and I think it just might be my teeny tiny yellow Cotton Candy strap. I love the Cotton Candy series anyway and she is just SO TINY! And fluffy <3

But I love all of my fluffy Arpakasso babies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GIANT Package Arrived!!!

The postal carrier rang the doorbell this afternoon and I knew it was my big package of happiness! It was this enormous red squishy on my porch, haha XD

Unveiling time!

 Ahahaha, I used a Sierra Mist can to show perspective... but it looks really cheesy >.<

 Cuteness inside!

 She is sooo cute in person! The lone female Arpakasso in the package.

 Mr. Beige Berries lookin' precious

 Tiny feet Nemuneko! This one is mine. 

 haha, my husband being goofy (I made him pose with his Nemuneko ^_^)

 Teeny feet <3

 Party tiiime!

The new additions!

I want to take a new group photo but it's going to require some serious space/planning because I have so many now :o  They've taken over a table in our front room... oops.

I also want to note~this arrived SUPER fast from Singapore. I ordered everything here from Gina at (link in the sidebar). She is really, really nice and she has gotten so many requests for me. I highly recommend her!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Incoming (HUGE) Plush Order

Sooo, holy crapnuggets. I just spent a small fortune on a big ol' box of plush happiness from my contact in Singapore. She e-mailed me saying that her arcades finally got the tiny feet big Nemuneko in stock, so of course I had to have one. I chose the white and brown, but then my husband exclaimed over the grey one, so I ended up getting that one, too, as a surprise gift for him. I also splurged on four (!) big Arpakasso. I got a winter-style, two strawberry series, and the elusive beige birthday boy.

Shipping was insane... more than USD50 >_< Suffice it to say that my budget has been smashed into tiny pieces.

Onward to (stock) pictures!

 So, I already have the white boy and I got the beige <3

 I got the white girl with the red polka dot earmuffs.


I got A and C. I wasn't keen on this series at first but it grew on me.

I've ordered a few other cute things but I'll save those for another post after my wallet stops crying.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Maruneko Love

I love Maruneko. Cute, fat kitties! I found myself browsing the Maruneko Club website today and I saw so many little guys I would love to add to my collection!

(These series span from like 2000 to 2012 so some are probably really hard to find now >_<)

 I actually have the grey plush with the blue eyes! I love the brown one, too :3

 I am not normally a fan of pink but the pink Marunekos get me every time! It's the perfect pink~Cherry Blossom theme, I think.

 Fuzzy Maruneko! <3 

 I am not exactly sure what these are (tiny coin pouches? phone holders? plushes?) but they look SO soft!

 I guess these spin around when you press the switch? I just love the blue fuzziness O__O

 Love that winking green one! I have the orange tiger one :D

 Fuzzy purple!!! Yes, please!

 Holy crap, Maruneko backpacks!!! I think these are quite new, actually. MUST HAVE!

 Ahaha, a Maruneko calculator. Ahhh, this would make budgeting so much more fun. I want the pink!

 These images are so tiny >__> But I do like the white baby with the fuzzy hair and the green tiger one.

 These are really old but they've been on my wishlist for years! I love the baby in the middle and the white fuzzy one. 

 The white fuzzy!!!

 More adorable Cherry Blossom plushes from a different year~

 More cute fuzzies. Love the white, purple, and pink.

 Maruneko soap dispensers! YES!

 I've never seen this series before but I should have! Strawberries! So cute!

Obviously I am a fan of the pink... hahaha. These are all cute <3

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