Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GIANT Package Arrived!!!

The postal carrier rang the doorbell this afternoon and I knew it was my big package of happiness! It was this enormous red squishy on my porch, haha XD

Unveiling time!

 Ahahaha, I used a Sierra Mist can to show perspective... but it looks really cheesy >.<

 Cuteness inside!

 She is sooo cute in person! The lone female Arpakasso in the package.

 Mr. Beige Berries lookin' precious

 Tiny feet Nemuneko! This one is mine. 

 haha, my husband being goofy (I made him pose with his Nemuneko ^_^)

 Teeny feet <3

 Party tiiime!

The new additions!

I want to take a new group photo but it's going to require some serious space/planning because I have so many now :o  They've taken over a table in our front room... oops.

I also want to note~this arrived SUPER fast from Singapore. I ordered everything here from Gina at (link in the sidebar). She is really, really nice and she has gotten so many requests for me. I highly recommend her!


  1. Omg, I buy from Gina too! She's my Singaporean seller, where I got all my Nemunekos!

    Those arpakassos are to die for. TOO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! You're making me want to buy another one....T____T The beige party one is still my favourite XD

  2. Oh goodness, they're all so adorable! ;o; That has to be the biggest bundled of cuddly stuffed joy that I've ever seen, haha. So many baby 'pacas! And I didn't know the nemunekos with teeny feet were that big!

    They're all so charming - and thanks for posting that seller recommendation! I've been looking for more reliable sellers to add to my list since I've recently accumulated a big wishlist of cuddly plush.

  3. Hello! Those arpakassos are simply adorable! I am from Singapore and I have a huge personal collection of plushies as well (mostly Kapibara-San plushies, wonder if you have heard of that character before? He has an alpaca friend.). I also have a plushie blogshop ( I don't have the arkapasso design, but I do carry a number of other Japanese character plushies.

    1. Hi Janice!

      Thanks for stopping by! I have heard of Kapibara-san! He's super cute. I have been browsing your website and you have some really cute stuff at good price :D I may be placing an order soon ^_~