Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updated Collection Pictures

 I received a package from MyMaido today with my newest addition! I ordered a small Marine Arpakasso for myself (he's between the white strawberry boy and the beige birthday boy on the far right in the above picture) and a second Arpakasso for a friend (I won't spoil the surprise in case she's reading this!).

I decided that it was time to take a nice big group photo with ALL of my current babies. I have a few more on preorder but they won't arrive for at least a few more weeks.

 It was very... interesting getting everyone outside and on the blanket for the shoot, haha. My dog was looking at me like I was nuts! I was also being bit by a zillion bugs >.< 

It's cool to see how the different series look side by side. I'd always thought that the big birthday boys and the big strawberry boys were the same size but the strawberries are a bit bigger and wider. It's adorable. There's also difference between my biggest Arpakassos along the back~the white summer girl with the red flower and the fluffy purple macaron guy are a little taller than the dark brown Love boy and the white earmuffs girl.

I feel like I am writing a thesis about Arpakasso... XD I am such a nerd!

A few close-up shots:

 All my little guys:

I was trying to decide on my ultimate favorite (if I HAD to choose...) in my collection and I think it just might be my teeny tiny yellow Cotton Candy strap. I love the Cotton Candy series anyway and she is just SO TINY! And fluffy <3

But I love all of my fluffy Arpakasso babies!


  1. I love your collection!! <3 and thanks for sharing the photos, it made my day!!! hope I can find the time to get my kitties up for a shoot too T3T

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment! <3 Next to Arpakasso, kitty photoshoots are the best! My three kitties engage in warfare so I doubt I'd be able to get them all together XD

  2. This is so amazing. I can't even begin to wrap my head around this awesomeness! Omg, I was debating for the longest time whether I should buy the Sailor arpakasso from My Maido but they said it was 5cm and I didn't want to pay that much for a small keychain one. I didn't know it was that big!!! I was going to take my chances in Japan.

    -regrets x inifinity-

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Richelle! :D

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Awww, I'm sorry that you are wallowing in regret infinity >.< I am just so glad that a US seller actually has Arpakasso now! And for decent prices! I am debating about buying a second one from their shop... I am paranoid that they will sell out if I don't snag one, especially since some of the series are difficult to find elsewhere outside of Japan and for reasonable prices. Plus they offer free domestic shipping if I spend $25 so it's like an invitation to spend more XD

      I am sure you'll be able to get a lot of them in Japan for epic prices, though! ^_^

  3. Sweet mother of all alpacas, these are utterly adorable! They look so sweet sitting all together on that picnic blanket and their happy little smiles. o3o Your collection is absolutely amazing!

    I am so pleased that MyMaido started to stock arpakasso.. this means further deflating for my wallet, lol. I'm incredibly tempted to buy one of the giant stylish alpacas from them, but I'm also planning to buy the black UK one, and I simply don't have the storage for both! Perhaps I'll take my chances and see if they stock the Olympics series in the future.. dang, so many alpacas, so little space! ;o;

    1. :D :D Thank you so much!

      Ooooh, that would be awesome if they stock the Olympic series! I have the big UK one on pre-order but I like some of the smaller ones, too... and the PIRATES! I want all of those XD

      I don't have the space for mine, either, but I just keep succumbing to the fever >.< ahahaha

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi! I came across your magnificent collection and saw that you have an alpacasso I am looking for. It's the green one with closed eyes. I don't know if you still have it (since it's been a year since your last post), but if you do and are interested in selling it, please contact here: I would pay you VERY well. Have a great day!

  5. Hi MaliciousGnome!
    I realize that you might not see this but I as well LOVE your collection and I'm wondering if you'd consider selling one of your lets party babies. I'd give you a really great price for it!! Thanks so much, here's my email in case you decide: