Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Latest Plush Purchases-UPDATED

All of these are in some stage of being on their way to me! I am so excited! :D I've seriously depleted my budget, unfortunately, but plushes soften the blow (literally and figuratively, ha!).

 SUPER fluffy Caltoy angora bunny plush, 35 cm
Love at first sight! FLUUUUFFY

 Pink and white Caltoy salamander plushes, 40 cm each
Caltoy makes such cute toys!

 small purple Fuwakoro-chan (I think) charm plush
[image credit to ebay seller]

I'm getting C, the dark brown Arpakasso, 50 cm <3
Had to resort to a shopping service to get this guy; I was only able to find the big one on a Japanese website >_<

I think I'll post next about some of the non-San-X plushes that I'm craving. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Damnit. I succumbed to the cuteness that is Fuwakoro-chan: fluffy bunny sort-of-looks-like-arpakasso kawaii.

I bought the mint green one XD 
I think he's pretty large, like 38 cm or so.

 12 cm Cotton Candy Arpakasso; I ordered the yellow.
I was intending to buy a new desktop with my little wad of tax return money but um... plushes have taken over.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Current San-X Plush Wishlist

San-X is one of the most easily found kawaii brands (at least in my experience) but that doesn't mean that the items are always easy to decide between... or that they're inexpensive!

A few of the San-X plushes I'd like to add to my collection:

Piggy Girl plush 
(image credit to museshoppe / san-x.co.jp)

Kutusita Nyanko large brown plush
(image credit to Wizzywig)

12" Mamegoma round plush
(image credit to Tamaya) 

Sentimental Circus Lion plush
(image credit to modes4U)

Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Strawberry plush
(image credit to modes4U)

Kireizukin Seikatu Raccoon Sewing plush
(image credit to ShopKawaii)
 Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Squirrel plush
(image credit to ShopKawaii)

Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Rainbow plush
(image credit to ShopKawaii) 

Kutusita Nyanko small cream plush
(image credit to ShopKawaii)

Iiwaken Shiba Inu black puppy plush
(image credit to ShopKawaii)
I act like I have the room to store all of these... oh well, kawaii does not necessarily equal reality! :)


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