Saturday, March 31, 2012

I hate being outbid, grrr!

I've been using a shopping service (Japonica Market) to bid on Arpakasso YJP and mbok auctions. I won two (yay!) Arpakassos (you'll have to wait and see which ones ;) ) but I forgot to check the third one and when I finally remembered today, I saw that I'd lost by 60 friggin' yen. I try to avoid eBay auctions because I get waaaay too competitive and I get upset when I lose. I just Buy It Now to avoid that drama. I know that I should have made my max bid for this Arpakasso higher because it's seriously one I've been looking for for a while now. I am really picky with my plushes and this one is special because it's lacking the eyelashes that most big brown llama-style Arpakassos have. [sigh] I just tell myself that another one will show up someday.

Here's the guy I missed out on:

I should be receiving a package with some more Arpakasso cuteness soon so check back! ^_^

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apologies for the lack of posts

I've had a lot going on lately and my blog has suffered -__-

One of my grandmothers fell and broke her hip in several places so she's been in the hospital and I've been taking turns with my aunts staying with her overnight. She's doing well, though, so hopefully she'll be able to go home within a week!

 Mammaw as a young lady

 Mammaw at her 90th birthday party in January

She is an amazing lady. Still sharp as a tack, too! ^_^

One of my beloved family pets is also not doing well. Sammy is our 21 year old kitty and he was my very first cat. He was a stray we adopted in 1992 and the vet estimated him to be around a year old when we found him. He's always been our cranky little mainstay and my heart is breaking that he is so frail.

 Me and Sammy at a 'Pet Parade' in the early-mid 90s

 Another Pet Parade

Sammy in his prime <3

Me and Sammy earlier this year

I'm sorry that this post is so depressing... I have some kawaii goodness on its way to me so I hope to return to happy, colorful posts soon.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Recent Kawaii Purchases

Some of my Arpakassos, a big Fuwakoro-chan bunny plush, big orange Caltoy hedgie, small Caltoy piggie keychain (he was a free gift with my hedgie and the awesome thing is that I was wanting one! Awesome telepathic seller!), big Sentimental Circus Kuro plush in the background, and a small Carters plush alligator next to the big bunny (and a whole pile of random crap to the right -_-)

A small bento I found on sale at So cute!

Onigiri Debuneko plush, bunnies in a little wooden hutch (it came with chocolate bunnies inside!), plush cake from KawaiiShopJapan, big brother Angry Bird plush, Kiiroitori plush in rainbow pajamas, wombat Webkinz, Clayface figure

A close-up of Kiiroitori. He's SO soft ^_^

Little Nemuneko figure (next to a wobbly necked turtle of my husband's, some tiny hippos,  a family photo, and a little watercolor of my husband and I as kitties that my mom did for us)

 Tiny Mameshiba figure (and an older Q-Lia plush and of course-Essence of Unicorn, haha)

A picture of the Arpakassos you've possibly seen on my Flickr :)

Apologies for the messy photoshoots, haha. I was too lazy to get everyone outside for pretty spring grass photos... hopefully I'll have some more goodies to photograph soon! <3

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Arpakasso Wishlist

Ahhh, Arpakasso. I've only recently discovered your unbearably cute self but I'm already hopelessly smitten o__o

I have several non-baby Arpies on their merry postal way to me (squee! will post a group photo once they've arrived) but I have some baby Arpies on my wishlist that I thought I'd share :)

I love the KuriKuri baby line! My favorite is the brown but I like them all. These are the 34cm plushes.
 I'm not sure what the name of this upcoming line is but I LOVE them! Sooo cute! My favorites are the purple and the white.
 Something about the baby birthday line is just adorable >_< Maybe it's the bowties? The hats? I'd kind of love to get an entire set of these. /daydream

Teeeeny tiny baby Arpies! They're currently out of stock, unfortunately :( They look so soft!

Stay tuned for my non-baby style Arpakasso wishlist at some point... if I can tear myself away from Rakuten and Yahoo Japan...