Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Arpakasso Wishlist

Ahhh, Arpakasso. I've only recently discovered your unbearably cute self but I'm already hopelessly smitten o__o

I have several non-baby Arpies on their merry postal way to me (squee! will post a group photo once they've arrived) but I have some baby Arpies on my wishlist that I thought I'd share :)

I love the KuriKuri baby line! My favorite is the brown but I like them all. These are the 34cm plushes.
 I'm not sure what the name of this upcoming line is but I LOVE them! Sooo cute! My favorites are the purple and the white.
 Something about the baby birthday line is just adorable >_< Maybe it's the bowties? The hats? I'd kind of love to get an entire set of these. /daydream

Teeeeny tiny baby Arpies! They're currently out of stock, unfortunately :( They look so soft!

Stay tuned for my non-baby style Arpakasso wishlist at some point... if I can tear myself away from Rakuten and Yahoo Japan...


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