Friday, May 4, 2012

Maruneko Love

I love Maruneko. Cute, fat kitties! I found myself browsing the Maruneko Club website today and I saw so many little guys I would love to add to my collection!

(These series span from like 2000 to 2012 so some are probably really hard to find now >_<)

 I actually have the grey plush with the blue eyes! I love the brown one, too :3

 I am not normally a fan of pink but the pink Marunekos get me every time! It's the perfect pink~Cherry Blossom theme, I think.

 Fuzzy Maruneko! <3 

 I am not exactly sure what these are (tiny coin pouches? phone holders? plushes?) but they look SO soft!

 I guess these spin around when you press the switch? I just love the blue fuzziness O__O

 Love that winking green one! I have the orange tiger one :D

 Fuzzy purple!!! Yes, please!

 Holy crap, Maruneko backpacks!!! I think these are quite new, actually. MUST HAVE!

 Ahaha, a Maruneko calculator. Ahhh, this would make budgeting so much more fun. I want the pink!

 These images are so tiny >__> But I do like the white baby with the fuzzy hair and the green tiger one.

 These are really old but they've been on my wishlist for years! I love the baby in the middle and the white fuzzy one. 

 The white fuzzy!!!

 More adorable Cherry Blossom plushes from a different year~

 More cute fuzzies. Love the white, purple, and pink.

 Maruneko soap dispensers! YES!

 I've never seen this series before but I should have! Strawberries! So cute!

Obviously I am a fan of the pink... hahaha. These are all cute <3

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  1. Aaaaah Caitlin! I thought that I had moved on from collecting marunekos but you're making me become addicted again! I LOVE the fuzzy ones! They're so impossible to find though X_X

    I actually have a brown one that I'm going to sell. I just need time to take pictures and post it.

  2. Oooooh, the brown one in the first picture?! Yes, please! It's like chocolate... delicious chocolate kitty @__@

    Bwahahaha... I do what I can ;)

  3. Wow...Do you know where I can purchase some of the extra fuzzy ones? :-)

  4. Hello!

    Maruneko can be elusive >.< I would recommend checking eBay. Some small kawaii webshops (like some on eCrater) sometimes have Maruneko for sale but I've not seen the fuzzy ones :< If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can check out and type in まるねこCLUB and see what comes up. If there's a fuzzy one, you can use a shopping service to order :D

  5. Okay, I actually found a set of the fuzzy ones on Yahoo Japan:

    They're not cheap but soooo cute! ^_^