Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today I received an unexpected and oh-so-sweet package of goodies from my friend Gabbi! It seriously made my day! ^__^

Everything was wrapped up in an adorably taped box:

It was sticking out of our mail box!

I took a picture of the unwrapping and opening but it came out sort of boring so I decided to focus on pictures of the goodies themselves.

 There was a little card fastened with the cutest kitty diaper pin!

I love the rainbow on the card <3

One of the first things I unwrapped: an Em and Sprout panda bag!!! I love their shop and this is one of my favorite designs! Sooo cute!

 Panda pocky!!! These were intended for Andrew (my husband) but I told him he only gets one of them, lol. I've never seen panda pocky before! I am so excited to try it!

A cute little postcard of a girl and some deer <3

 I love kawaii mugs~this one has cute sleepy animals!

A detail shot of some of the contents; she also included an adorable little potholder with kitties on it, some KitKat candies, a squeaky stuffed meat toy for my pup, and a plastic strawberry bowl that will go perfectly in my kitchen!

A picture of my awesome unwrapped package contents! There is also a little clear brown bear soap dispenser (sooo cute!), a froggy sponge, and a little soft seal wash mitt. I have this thing for Japanese sponges and bath stuff. Perfect!

Gabbi~you are the BEST! I love everything so much! <3

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  1. Everything's so adorable! I especially love the panda items and the mug. It was really sweet of her to send you an unexpected package!