Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Kawaii Wishlist

I love how I think my kawaii buying will somehow cease, or that my wishlist will become shorter rather than longer. PSSSSH! Yeah right! ahahaha

I've been saving images and links for random kawaii stuff I want to add to my collection of lovies. 

Photo duuuump! ^_^

Sooooo cute! My favorite is the squirrel. These are pre-orders in a Rakuten shop.

Very similar plushes! I love all of these <3

ALPACA TEA SET!!! SOOOO MUCH CUTE! I love how the mugs look like wool!

Piyodamari! Friggin' tiny chick plushes in an egg case! YES PLEASE! omg. Seriously-check out their webshop. Kawaii overload >_<

Plush kitty pouches

 Cute fat kitties!

Tiny fuzzy Nemuneko! I want the cream, white, and grey!


  1. I think that way too, I'm always thinking, "Ok, I'm going to stop buying kawaii after this purchase." but it never does, but I have slowed considerably considering the lack of space and money.

    Those sheep are adorable! Are they made by Amuse as well?

    omg nemunekos! I'm totally obsessed with them! I got a whole bunch that came into the mail and more coming! I think that's my next kawaii post XD

    1. I have like NO money ;__; And yet each time I get a new little hoard, I spend it on plushes... hehe

      You know, I am not sure if the sheep are Amuse but they do look like they would be. I checked the Amuse website but didn't see them. Hmmm... if I buy one, I bet the company name would be on the tag ;) HAHA! How's that for buyer rationalization?!

      omg! I can't wait to see your next kawaii post! I have a few things coming in the mail (KawaiiPile order and a few other plushes) so I hope to do another soon :D

    2. Dilemma of a kawaii plush lover, you can NEVER have too many...but that has obviously been proven to me as of late.....Darn you space, why can't you make more!?

      The picture and the way they display the Sheep look very similar to those of the arpakassos. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the Sheep. Omg, I haven't even though of checking Amuse's website. Caitlin!!! You're going to make me super broke BEFORE I even get to Japan and that'll be super miserable.

      Yaaay! I wanted to go a post today but the weather is so crappy so the pictures might not turn out very well, but I'll probably do one anyway XD

  2. I love these! Can you please post a link to the sheep? I HAVE to get these!!!!!
    Any additional info would be SO appreciated! Thanks! -Chris,

  3. Hi Chris! :D

    Here is a link to the pastel sheep:

    Here is a link to the bright sheep with ribbons:

    Here is a link to the sheep/hedgie/squirrel plushes:

    If you want to order one of these but don't speak Japanese (and a lot of sellers don't ship internationally), I'd definitely recommend using a shopping service like Japonica Market (link up on the sidebar to the right). It can get a bit expensive with fees and shipping, but it's a pretty sure way to get plushes you may otherwise not be able to buy :)

    I hope this helps!

  4. Wow! Thanks so much! Do you use a forwarding service? Maybe we can combine forces...I have amassed a pretty large order from a store (Bluepost) that doesn't deliver to the USA, and I'm trying to figure out a way to do the order without my own shopping service. If you have one already, maybe we could do a combined order? =)