Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! + Arpakasso Collection

Happy Easter to you! I actually prefer to call it Zombie Jesus Day because that's way funnier but I live in the Bible belt and making fun of Jesus might earn me a shanking.

I FINALLY have a picture of my complete Arpakasso herd! I've been promising pictures for ages and ages... anyway~onward to the cuteness! (oh, and I'm sorry that the lighting is really jacked up-I should have done outdoor shots because the lighting in my house is weird sometimes -__-)


 and half!

And some close ups!

 55 cm white with red flower Summer series plush

 5 cm green Cotton Candy strap and 14 cm pink Strawberry plush

 35 cm beige Kurikuri Baby, 16 cm green Play Color, 35 cm white Strawberry plush

 35 cm white Baby Birthday boy

 My 5 cm yellow Cotton Candy strap and 10 cm yellow Cotton Candy keychain

 55 cm chocolate brown Love plush, 10 cm pink Macaron keychain, huge purple Macaron plush

 The gang's all here!

 Ahaha, I feel sort of like a weird fashion photographer... 'alright, look to the left! No, my left! Good. Hold it!'

So much love!

Whew. So, there's my Arpakasso collection. I'll probably add a few more sometime soon but I think I'm going to take a break for the time being. I have my eye on that squirrel Kiiroitori plush from Shop Kawaii....


  1. !!!!!

    This is cute overload!! I'm so jealous! You have so many big ones!! I think my favourite would have to be the party boy, I have him in beige and I've had my eye on the white one for a long time. I think I might make the leap and buy him...maybe, if I can get enough money XD

    To think, this all started with my little green dude ;)

    Thanks for sharing your adorable collection!

  2. :D :D :D

    Little green Dmitri! I love him! I've thought about adding at least one neon brother for him... still debating on colors and size.

    I love the beige party baby, too! I've thought about getting one XD

    We are kawaii soulmaaaaates <3 hahaha

  3. The dolls are so Kawaii ! xo akiko

    1. Hi Akiko!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! :)