Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kawaii Drought

Hey guys!

I've not posted in nearly a month and that's awful >__<  The truth is, I go through waxing and waning periods with kawaii collecting, and this is one of those waning periods. I've shifted my purchasing focus to something completely unrelated to kawaii (my husband and I hope to start a family next year so I have been stockpiling baby items) and so very few kawaii packages are arriving to my mailbox.

Anyway, I bought a large Arpakasso on eBay a few weeks back (it was actually my 'holy grail' Arp~a super hard to find curly-haired brown llama style without eyelashes. I don't know that it's even authentic but I don't care. I love him! I believe the seller has a second on eBay right now... so much for being hard to find! :P) but have no pictures yet. I also bought a remote-controlled Mameshiba toy :D

I have two Arpakasso items on pre-order: a white backpack and a small purple backpack pouch. Those won't be released for about another month so I will probably not have any more new Arpakasso cuteness until then. I am not crazy about most of the new series coming out. I don't really understand why they are making the Starbucks-themed line... I hate coffee so I guess I am just biased. [shrugs] I could take or leave the sparkly tiara and Candy Kid plushes. I do love the recent pirates and the Olympics guys, though. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will release some Halloween ones this year! Or even Xmas themed.

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