Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Japonica Market Orders Arrived!

The mailman brought a very special, very LARGE package to me today, yay! I'd been hoarding Japonica Market orders for a few months and everything was finally ready to be shipped together. 

 I know that the lemon is random but it was to show perspective, haha. The box got a little smushed >.<

 Safely wrapped goodies inside!

The first item I pulled out was my reindeer Arpakasso! The seller attached one of the little Crocs thingies for free, aww! I don't wear Crocs but if I did, I'd have a decoration for them :D

 Mr. Reindeer (I've named him Festivus) looking all squashed and uncomfortable :/

 Looking much better! So cute! His little antlers!

 Festivus's hang tag

 Aho-chan plushes! They are bigger than I was expecting-in a good way!

Stack o' axolotls! <3

 My little Arpakasso backpack pouch!

 My backpack, FINALLY! I love him! His straps go long enough for me to wear it! (Sorry about the lighting in this picture... my kitchen only has one window and it's high up so lighting is iffy)

 Arpakasso backpack love!

 Moni Moni pink bunny = epic cuteness! So soft and fat and squishy <3

 Moni Moni's hang tag

Moni Moni booty

So there's my package and its contents! I have been trying to decide if I'd like to order one of the Arpakasso I mentioned in my last blog post~the cute bear/rabbit ear plushes. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. You must've been practically jumping up and down when your mailman brought that package to you!

    Everything's adorable! I can't wait to get my Aho-chans! I haven't paid for the shipping yet since I'm waiting for my next pay (tomorrow!).

    Your arpakasso looks like a yoga master! And I'm so glad that you finally got your hands on the adorable moni moni rabbit :D

    I also ordered the small little backpack pouch, it's too cute to pass! You should get the adorable ear ones and we'll be using our kawaii twin powers again XD