Thursday, March 14, 2013

Off-Topic... Liebster Award/Questions :)

I KNOW I KNOW I haven't listed my plush for sale yet and I have a bajillion excuses but at some point they will be listed... bolster your wallets and hearts with that knowledge ;)

The awesome Richelle posted recently about something called the Liebster Award... I'm going to admit that I have no idea what the actual award is, but there are questions to answer and I enjoy doing that, so here goes!

I am supposed to post 11 things about myself, answer 11 questions from Richelle, and then nominate 11 other blogs and provide 11 questions for those bloggers to answer. I'm going to cheat and just say that if you want to answer the 11 questions I come up with, feel free (I don't even know 11 bloggers, sadly, so I'll leave it at that).

11 Things About Me

  1. Sometimes I wish that I had an identical twin so that we could play pranks on people, share clothes, and do each other's hair. Then again, I think it would be sort of creepy to have a doppleganger so I am, at the end of the day, glad to be one-of-a-kind.
  2. I LOVE hairless animals. I had a hairless rat named Ree years ago and I miss him so much. Rats have a lot of health issues (respiratory infections are common, and the females usually develop tumors) so I don't think my heart could stand another hairless rattie. I would like to adopt a hairless kitty one day, though. 
  3. I loved dissecting different animals and animal body parts in middle and high school. My husband teases me about my obsession with it but it was so interesting! My favorite thing to dissect was probably an earthworm or a grasshopper (it was really difficult because both are so small, but it was neat). I know I sound like a totally creepy freak but I don't care. I LOVE DISSECTING. There.
  4. I have a phobia of vomiting and the stomach flu. I will avoid a person sick with stomach issues like they have the plague. I am serious! Disinfecting every surface, using my sleeve to open doors, not breathing around them, etc. 
  5. Sometimes I fantasize about living in a little village in France or England, working in a tiny shop, and successfully raising a garden (I kill all plants I try to grow ;__;).
  6. I always thought (as did my family and friends) that I would go to school to become a veterinarian. I started college and found out that I hated the classes required to acquire a Biology degree; I was an Undecided major for a while and finally tried English (I'd always loved to write). I found my home! English majors are some of the funniest, quirkiest, most awesome people I've ever met. I LOVED my poetry and fiction workshops and literature classes. I miss school a lot. 
  7. I own over 100 cloth diapers and don't even have a child yet :o
  8. My favorite foods are chocolate, my mom's pinto beans, biscuits, cornbread, salmon, and potatoes.
  9. One of my favorite movies and books is American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis (I know, with the dissection confession up above, I'm not making a very strong case for my sanity). The book is so... thorough! It's extremely disturbing, yes, but it's also well written and fascinating. I feel super awkward reading it in public, though. The movie (also very good) has Christian Bale so it's at least attractive ;)
  10. I love to travel and feel claustrophobic if I'm unable to go somewhere at least once a year. It can be just an hour's drive~I'm not picky. I just need to get out of Memphis and breathe new air. My family took SO many trips when I was growing up (I've been to California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington DC, Ireland, and of course Tennessee) so I've been spoiled with landmarks, sights, theme parks, mountains, and beaches. My favorite mode of transport is a a car on a good ol' roadtrip but I've flown many times (I hate how expensive flight is and how obnoxious nowadays, though). 
  11. I wish that I could live minimalistically with few possessions but I have always loved to buy stuff so I don't think I'll ever achieve that.

Richelle's Questions

1. What's your favorite makeup/beauty product?
Chapstick, definitely!

2. What can't you leave your house without?
My cell phone. If I find out that I left it accidentally at home, I feel naked :x

3. Favorite class you took in school (any level)
Hmm... probably my poetry workshop with Dr. Leader in college. She treated everyone to beer at a local bar, haha!

4. Cats or dogs?
If I had to pick, cats

5. If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?
Independently wealthy

6. Most memorable experience?
visiting Ireland. It was AMAZING.

7. Would you ever swim with sharks? Why or why not?
I think that I would, but I'd probably pee in the ocean with fear XD Sharks are very intriguing creatures~and swimming with them would be an unforgettable experience.

8. Favorite fruit? Why?
Bartlett pears or perfectly ripe and sweet watermelon; pears have such a great texture/taste and cold watermelon in the summer is almost always the perfect treat <3

9. What's the best thing you ever ate and where did you have it?
Bacon at the Hamilton-Turner Inn in Savannah, GA.

10. Have you ever farted in public and pretended it wasn't you? (hahahaha!)
Most definitely. I remember sneezing/farting (so, snarting) in class in middle school and hoping against hope that the sneeze covered the fart

11. How long did it take you to make this post?
Probably longer than it should have, haha. Maybe an hour?

My Questions for You :)

  1. If you were a cheese, what kind would you be?
  2. Piece of clothing you own that made/makes you the happiest? Why?
  3. If you had to choose between either never washing your hair or never washing your body again, which would you choose to keep clean?
  4. The worst movie you've ever seen?
  5. If money/ability were no object, what's a job you'd like to try?
  6. If you could revisit/live in any decade between 1900-1990 for a year, which would you choose to visit/live in?
  7. Informercial item you actually wanted to buy?
  8. Oreo cookies or Oreo cream?
  9. If you had $1000 to spend on someone else, how would you spend it?
  10. Favorite bird?
  11. The best gift you've ever received?

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