Thursday, March 14, 2013

Newest/Upcoming Arpakasso Series!

I've not bought any kawaii in FOREVER but thought I'd share some of the newest/upcoming Arpakasso series I've seen around the internet.

I'm not crazy about any of these~(following photo credits to

 Masks (kinda creepy!)


 Lovely Girls


Sweets Kids

Ehhhhh, the only ones of the above five collections I may buy would be the Lovely Girls, because those are pretty cute. 

However, there is another upcoming design I really like! 

Love Hat Series

36 cm (isn't that a weird size???) 

16 cm

12 cm
cannot remember the source for this picture! 

This is definitely my favorite series from the past six months! It may even be up there with Cotton Candy and Pirates (two of my favorite Arpakasso series ever). I also love my birthday and strawberry boys but as far as series go, I usually only like one or two from a particular series. I kinda like all of the Love Hat guys. 

If I were to purchase any, I doubt I'd get a large one (but if I did, I'd get yellow Mr. Llama, definitely!) but I would like to buy a 16 cm and a 12 cm. I think I like the yellow and white in the 16 cm, and the pink in the 12 cm. 

Which Arpakasso do you like from the newest series? :D

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